Chemical World

Cleaning Products

Chemical World consisted of old and new work.  It was held at Gallery in the Attic; a charming, busy venue located on the third floor of an old building in Peterborough, Ontario.  The building housed Peterborough’s original darkroom and studio.  Gallery in the Attic’s founder and curator Liz Fennell restored the darkroom and established exhibition spaces for local artists.  Unfortunately the gallery closed shortly after her departure.

Chemical World was put together for SPARK:  an annual photo festival in Peterborough.  The works curated and created for Chemical World were a mix of film, darkroom and digital.  All the works used a painterly approach examining household cleaners and paints.  Within the toxicity, beauty, colour and shapes emerge.  At first glance the photographic paintings appear as eye catching abstractions.  The wall tags and show title serve as a reminder of the original substances used during the creative process.

The two works bellow were created specifically for this show.  The painterly process and photographic techniques were similar to those used for the laundry detergent series.

Silica Dimenthicone Silylate

Silica Dimenthicone Silylate – 11 x 14 printed on HD Metal – SOLD


Silvo Mountain

Silvo Mountain – 11 x 14 printed on HD Metal – SOLD




A darkroom work from my show Chemical World. Holly McClellan

V.O.C. Collection

V.O.C. Collection was was part a self-directed contemporary art project involving household garbage.  A collection of leftover paint in a various states of decay was used to create the work.  The paint was photographed using macro views to emphasize the age, decay and toxicity of the substances.  My fascination with toxicity’s link to beauty can … Continue reading V.O.C. Collection