Tools usually go with Lube, Oil & Greases

Tools usually go with Lube, Oil and Greases, 11×14 rc print, 2015

Experimental Darkroom work was produced for Chemical World.  The experimental photograms combined household chemicals with plastics.  In order for the liquid chemicals to be visible and contained in the darkroom, clear plastics were used.   The plastics helped add depth to the images images and provide some context about how the chemical itself is used.  Although plastic manufacturing is highly chemical, my interest at the time was in the fluid, liquid qualities of the chemical substances.

Tools usually go with Lube, Oil and Greases contained a small amount of a basic spray on lubricant found in most suburban garages.

Working with the plastics turned out to be a fun, liberating creative challenge.  With plastic pollution and usage as a popular topic in current events, it is possible new work involving plastics will be created for 2020.