Shallow Views

Work created during an art residency in Pico, Azores


Image from Shallow Views

There is a literal and symbolic shallowness to the images.  The photos are a visual study of shallow ocean waters in Pico, Azores.  What started out as a visual exploration of seaweed, evolved into a study of shallow water aquatic life living in the seaweeds and lava rocks of Pico.  Combined with weather, the moving shallow waters, all the plant life, fish, and other marine life created the conditions to photographically observe and interpret their world in the camera.  It took days of observation before being granted such access.

From Shallow Views

Work from Shallow Views. Once Upon Water artist in residency work, June 2017. Pico, Azores. Part of Miratech Art Fringe Festival programming.

Work from Shallow Views

Work from Shallow Views. Once Upon Water residency.

Work from Shallow Views

From Shallow Views. Once Upon Water artist residency. An Arts Unfold Production

From Shallow Views

Colourful shapes, patterns and figures start to evolve from the abstracted views. The perceived or imagined figures start to take on a plastic quality, like some of the kitschy souvenirs found on land.


Inspiration for Shallow Views

Shop display of souvenirs for sale.

From Holly McClellan's Shallow Views