White Out

What is revealed?  What is concealed?  What remains? 

An independent project of Scotia Bank Nuit Blanche, 2014
The IRIS Group and Friends

The theme for this exhibition began as an idea about overpainting old work and creating something new.  The original goal was to achieve minimalist clarity by exploring what could be hidden, revealed or remaining.  Some artists explored memories tied to history, others worked with the theme using a more contemporary political, psychological or environmental approach.  Mediums included mixed media, painting, sculpture, photography and video.

My work created for White Out took a very painterly approach.  I was interested in examining surface tensions in water, partly inspired by the concept of particle attraction.   Some areas appear to have a greater depth, similar to deep massive bodies of water.  Others have a shallow, murkiness resembling ground water.  Or perhaps the murkiness was in my painting technique …  some of the murkiness was eliminated during the photographic stages.

Surface Layer

11 x 14 HD Metal

From Whiteout Exhibition

11 x 14 HD Metal – Sold.  Private Collection.

"Whiteout Work"

11 x 14 HD Metal

"Whiteout" and used in "Chemical World"

11 x 14 HD Metal

Part of Whiteout Work

11 x 14

Part of WhiteOut Work

11 x 14