Works for Fluid 1

Surface vs. Subtext

Surface vs. Subtext – 36 x 24 inches, pigment ink on cotton rag

Surface vs. Subtext

Surface vs. Subtext was created during a sailing trip on Lake Ontario.
When starting the work for  the Fluid show I was interested in studying patterns and waves created while sailing.  That approach was quickly modified and evolved into water pollution.  After getting un-expected results back from cross-processing film, my fascination with beauty in toxicity took over.

Industrial Waterscape

Industrial Waterscape was captured on another sailing trip on Lake Ontario.  The calm lake and time of day provided interesting reflections on the water coming from light sources off the shore.  Several shots were taken.  Before the light started rapidly fading away, many of the images had a colourful playful quality.  As the boat sailed away … Continue reading Industrial Waterscape