Industrial Waterscape


Industrial Waterscape  –  24×36 inches, pigment ink on cotton rag

Industrial Waterscape was captured on another sailing trip on Lake Ontario.  The calm lake and time of day provided interesting reflections on the water coming from light sources off the shore.  Several shots were taken.  Before the light started rapidly fading away, many of the images had a colourful playful quality.  As the boat sailed away and nighttime began, the camera could barely record any more streaks of light.

When going through image results, I initially thought it was technical arrogance and the desire to push a printing boundary for choosing this one as a final work.  During the opening after seeing and hearing responses to the work, it became clear my choice for selecting this as a final image was much more complex and personal.

Different Freedoms

The scene of Cubans using the public fountain as a swimming pool was mesmerizing.  The fountain location was a popular meeting spot.  It is located bellow the famous Hotel Nacional on the opposite side of the equally famous Malecón seawall in Havana. I had a strong desire to come back with a camera.  When I was … Continue reading Different Freedoms